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Business characteristics:


1. A platform serving both rights trade and business cooperation.

The second largest rights trade platform.

The largest rights trade platform in Asia.

90% of Chinese publishers and world-renowned international publishers also participate, such as Elsevier, Pearson, Penguin, Springer, Macmillan, etc.


2. A  platform serving both culture exchange and international promoting.

Nearly 1000 culture exchange events and meetings.

UK ex-president Tony Blair, Holland princess Laurentien, Barbapapa’s author Talus Taylor, Phoenix TV host Wu Xiaoli, Nobel laureate like Mo Yan, well-known authors Tie Ning, Feng Jicai, Liu Zhenyun, Yu Dan were our guest..


3. A platform enhancing national reading.

300,000 visitors during 5 days.

1,300 media journalist.



Publicity Networks


Directed by The State Administration of Radio Film and Television, Ministry of Science and Technology, The People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, The Publishers Association of China, China Writers Association.

Organized by China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation.

Government authorities visit BIBF every year.

CCTV(China Central Television)---- CCTV News, Morning News, China News, News 30, Evening News, Topics In Focus.

Beijing TV, Phoenix TV, China National Radio, China Radio International, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, etc.

Sina.com. sohu.com. gmw.cn, etc.

SNS: Wechat, weibo, Facebook. Twetter

The Bookseller Daily


Sponsorship Packages


International Children’s Publishing Forum:


1) Co-organized with The International Board on Books for Young People、China Children’s Press & Publication Group.

2) China and foreign famous children’s book authors, judges of Hans Christian Andersen award and famous children’s book publishers with discuss about children’s education and publishing.

3) China and foreign children’s book publishers, children’s education organizations, children’s reading extension organizations participate, about 300 people.


Sponsorship scheme:

1) Logo printing on participant name tag

2) Pop-ups at forum

3) 1 page of publicity in the BIBF daily.

4) A 10-minute- speech about the subject of forum.

5) Exclusive interview by 1 public media.

6)Package cost: Please contact sales@bibf.net



International Picture Book Hall


1) Most highlighted area at 2017 BIBF

2) 3000㎡, more than 20000 copies of picture books to be displayed .

3) 6 areas: game area, reading area, seminar area, little theatre, Illustration wall, book list area.

4) Inviting hundreds of children to participate in the opening ceremony, releasing the balloons tied with their wish card on the invitation.


Sponsorship scheme:

1) Title naming.

2) Title naming the balloons releasing activities.

3) Title naming all the 6 areas

4) Unified Logo and images appear over the wall.

5) Unified Logo and images appear on the balloons and the wish card of invitation of opening ceremony.

6) Unified Logo and images on the tickets, brochures, posters and all the printing works

7) Promotion material, such as pop-ups, can be placed in the activating area.

8) Priority of using this area.

9) Package cost :Please contact sales@bibf.net