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General information

General information

1. Exhibitors - General information
Time: August 21- August 25, 2019
Venue: East Hall 1, East Hall 2, East Hall 3, East Hall 4, West Hall 1, West Hall 2, West Hall 3, West Hall 4
China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) (NCIEC)
Address: No. 88, Yuxiang Street, Tian Zhu Zone, Shunyi District Beijing, China
Exhibition area: 100,000㎡
2. Calendar
9:00-17:00   2019.8.19-8.20   On Site Check-in & Exhibition Set-up
9:00-17:30   2019.8.21-8.23   Professional Days
9:00-17:30   2019.8.24         Public Day
9:00-17:00   2019.8.25         Public Day, Closing Day & Booth Tear-down


3. Weather

The average temperature during exhibition days: 29 °C or 84°F


Transportation Guide


By Car

1、Jingcheng Expressway-Houshayu Exit-Huosha Road-- Luoma Rotary Island -- -Yuxiang Road Anhua Street-NCIEC

2、Jingshun Road-Maliandian Crossing - NCIEC



By Bus:

From Dongzhimen station and Sanyuanqiao station take the buses No. 934、915 or 918 to the China International Exhibition Center New Venue (Maliandian station).

By Subway:

Subway Line 15 – China International Exhibition Center Station (Exit D), 400m walking distance to NCIEC



Taxi Service

Taxi Reservation Phone Number:

1.      Yinjian Taxi Service  96103

2.      Beijing Taxi Service  96106

Please call ahead of time to leave plenty of time for the taxi to show up. 

Parking Information

1.      Taxi can park at south plaza

2.      Exhibition Center Parking 1800 Cars (permit required,contact BIBF office for details)

3.      Shunfenglu Parking Lot 1800 cars (public parking)