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26th Beijing International Book Fair Press Materials

From August 21 to 25, 2019, the 26th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) will take place at the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue,Shunyi District), and present a global copyright trade and reading carnival for the international publishing industry and readers around the world.

2019 BIBF is sponsored by the National Press and Publication Administration, Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal People's Government, Publishers Association of China and China Writers Association, and organized by the China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation.

I. Unique Characteristics of Each of the Eight Exhibition Halls and Total Size of the Fair to Reach New Height
2019BIBF simultaneously combines three major industry event, and total exhibition space will reach 106,800 square meters. More than 2,600 exhibitors from 95 countries and regions will participate in the Fair, and over 300,000 titles of the latest books from around the world will be put on display on-site at the BIBF, in addition to more than 1000 publishing and cultural events that will span a wide range of subjects. Romania is the Country of Honor this year, and for the first time the BIBF will occupy all eight exhibition halls of the China International Exhibition Center.

West Hall 1 (W1) is for Large-scaled Chinese Publishing Group; overseas publishers and Rights Center are at East Hall 1 (E1), where more than 1,600 foreign publishing organizations will convene; Country of Honor and Featured Exhibitors are at West Hall 2 (W2), including Exhibition of Select Publications to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China; Beijing International Children’s Book Fair is at East Hall 2(E2), a concentrated exhibition zone for enterprises in industrial chain related to children's books; West Hall 3 (W3) is Made in Creativity Hall and will display art books and related cultural and creative products; East Hall 3 (E3) is main exhibition area for the Beijing International Book Festival; West Hall 4 (W4) is for the China Digital Publishing Expo; and East Hall 4 (E4) is the Library Acquisition, Reading to Living and BIBF Picture Book Exhibition Zone, which will feature special on-site book purchasing and ordering zone for Chinese and foreign libraries and scientific research organizations.

II. Theme Publications Sing Chinese Melody, Featured Exhibition Zones Jointly Celebrate 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the Motherland
The " Exhibition of Select Publications to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China," sponsored by the National Press and Publication Administration, will unveil at West Hall 2. To occupy a thousand square meters in space, the exhibition zone will be comprised of four segments, namely the Select Book Exhibition, Import and Export Select Publication Exhibition, Select Periodical Exhibition and Book Edition Exhibition of New China, which will put on a display of a series of publications that are similar in their mentality, artistry and readability, such as study materials of key speeches by President Xi Jinping, winning books of the "Five-One Project", China Publishing Government Award winning books, China Good Books from 2013 to 2018, books recommended in selection of distinguished reading materials for general theories and knowledge, key publications of 2019 publishing themes, achievement books of the National Publishing Foundation, outstanding books from the Silk Road Book Fragrance and Classic China programs, and chosen periodicals that are celebrating their 70th anniversaries.

III. Elites and Talents Worldwide Gather for Major Events and Jointly Discuss the Future of Publication
During the span of the Book Fair, a series of major events will be hosted, such as the Awarding Ceremony of 13th Special Book Award of China, 2019 Beijing International Publishing Forum and the Opening Evening. A large number of relevant figures in charge of competent departments from both home and abroad, leaders of well-known international publishing enterprises and heads of international publishing communication and cooperation endeavors will gather under one roof to discuss major programs of international publishing exchange and cooperation, and jointly formulate the developmental blueprint for the publishing industry.

The Awarding Ceremony of 13th Special Book Award of China will take place at the Peony Hall, Fanghua Villa, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. It is a national-level award created in 2005, and so far 123 individuals from 49 countries and regions such as France, Russia, Germany, the United States, Japan and India have been awarded the prize. The award ceremony has arisen widely positive influence in the international community and a key brand activity and effective measure to promote Chinese culture around the world. This year, 15 individuals who have contributed immensely to the introduction of China and the dissemination of Chinese culture abroad have been invited to take part in the Award Ceremony. After the Award Ceremony, the BIBF Opening Evening will be hosted. As the marked event of BIBF, the Opening Evening intends to invite leaders from the Organization Committee of the Book Fair and official representatives from Romania to deliver speeches; besides, Romanian artists will present characteristic theatrical performances.

2019 Beijing International Publishing Forum will be held on the morning of August 20 at the Peony Hall, Fanghua Villa, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse under the central theme of "Quality and Dissemination of Content". This forum will be constituted by three segments, namely an opening ceremony with speeches, CEO face-to-face dialogues and keynote addresses. The event will be headlined by about a dozen Chinese and foreign corporate executives, industry leaders, researchers and scholars from well-known publishers, media, digital enterprises and technology companies, such as Yan Xiaohong, the President of the Copyright Association of China; Wang Bin, Chairman of CITIC Press Group; Fan Deng, Founder of Fan Deng Spiritual Wealth Club; Jeremy North, Managing Director of Global Book Business  of Taylor & Francis Group; Zhang Yong, Director of the China Unicom Research Institute for Network Technology. They will focus on new user experience and talk about how to ensure content quality and dissemination under the new global circumstances.

In order to better tell the stories of China, disseminate the voices of China, exhibit the images of China, and to facilitate a larger number of Chinese and foreign copyright transactions, the professional publishing activities and literary events during the span of the BIBF will once again receive another round of upgrade. A score of professional events such as the 2019BIBF Children's Publishing Forum, 2019BIBF Rights Managers' Salon, “One Belt, One Road” Publishers 10+10 Match-Meeting, 2019 International Symposium on Printing and Publishing Culture will be held, and authoritative figures from a diverse range of fields will be invited to hold in-depth conversations on development opportunities, collaboration pathways, development impetus and other hot topics at the heart of the industry. The classic professional event "Stories Communicate the World" will invite author A Lai to communicate with Sinologists from 30 counties. The 2019BIBF Rights Center will be more practically effective, featuring renowned copyright agencies like Guang Lei International Copyright Economy Co., Ltd., Bardon-Chinese Media Agency and Andrew Nurnberg Associates International Ltd., as well as the debuts of overseas copyrights agents such as Shueisha Inc. of Japan, SHANGHAI TO-ASIA CULTURE CO., LTD. and New Light Media.

IV. Continuous Rise in Number of Big Name Exhibitors, International Flair of the Book Fair Clearly Increases
Both the number of exhibiting countries and organizations are rising. The number of participating countries and regions at this BIBF amount to 95, two more than last year, as Portugal and Kazakhstan will make their debuts. The United Kingdom will still occupy the number one spot in terms of the number of booths (88), while the exhibiting space of countries like the United States, South Korea, France and Japan continue to enlarge; a total of 30 "One Belt, One Road" countries will be exhibiting, accounting for nearly half the number of nations on the line.

Exhibiting foreign publishing organizations maintain the previous rising trend, with more than 1,600 overseas exhibitors to make an appearance this year, accounting for 61.5% of the total number of exhibitors. Among which, there will be 858 Asian exhibitors, accounting for 53.6% of total overseas exhibitors, while their exhibiting space will occupy 48.7% of the total overseas areas. Besides the famous overseas publishing groups like Springer Nature, John Wiley & Sons,Inc., Elsevier, Atlantyca Entertainment, Woongjin, Éditions Gallimard, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press, this year's BIBF will see 45 new foreign brands and publishing companies. Of which, 17 from Japan, 9 from South Korea and 7 from the United States, that thoroughly manifests the BIBF's attractiveness to Asian countries and developed western nations. One of the world's top 50 publishers, Japanese publisher Shueisha Inc., and one of the world's top three comic and animation tycoons, DC COMICS, will also make their debut at this year's BIBF.

After appearing as one of the 16 CEECs Country of Honor in 2016, this year Romania will participate in the BIBF again as the Country of Honor, under the theme of "Romania - Within Reading Distance". 

This year is the 20th anniversary of the return of Macao to China, and the Macao Pavilion, which supported by the Macao Special Administrative Region Government Cultural Industry Fund and sponsored by Hall de Cultura, will make the debut at the BIBF. More than 500 titles from about 40 publishing organizations will be featured in an intensive display of Macao's accomplishments in areas like culture and academia, and social development feats achieved since its return to the motherland two decades ago.

V. Integrated Development Showcases New Trends, 5G+ Flips Open New Chapter in Readership
Staying abreast of international development trends in the publishing industry, this year's Book Fair emphasized and added contents pertaining to industrial integrated development. The widely touted 5G technology will debut for the first time at an international book fair. To explore the application possibilities of 5G tech in the publishing business, the China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation will join hands with China Unicom and the New Media Institute of the Communication University of China to specially set up the "5G New Reading" Exhibition Zone in West Hall 2 and intensively showcase new, futuristic reading scenarios summarized as "mutual connectivity between all books, interactions between books and readers, integration between paper version and electronic version, readability for everyone". Here, readers may revel in the five "5G+" reading experiences, namely 5G+ holographic user interaction and sharing, 5G+AR augmented reality reading, 5G+MR mixed reality reading, 5G+VR virtual reality and immersive reading and 5G network hi-speed experience. Furthermore, novel scenario-based experiences, products and services such as fully automated smart bookstore and community intelligent reading room will also be put on display at the BIBF.

On the book fair, a large number of traditional publishing and digital publishing enterprises will explore more opportunities to cooperate with the content industry in such fields as artificial intelligence, content payment, audio book, IP authorization, and children’s Internet education.

VI. Emphasis on Balance Between Reading and Experience, Creation of Multi-sensory Enjoyment
The Beijing International Children’s Book Fair and BIBF Picture Book Exhibition focus on children's reading, and a bevy of varied and interesting exhibitions, displays and interactive activities will be utilized to thoroughly enhance the attraction of reading to children. The Beijing International Children’s Book Fair will occupy 20,000 square meters and house a score of renowned exhibitors like CCPPG, Jieli Publishing House, Children's Fun Publishing Co., Ltd., Zhong Du, Scholastic Education and Pearson, which will together comprise a globally authoritative children's book platform stressing on Chinese children's book as the core and a content-based and professional exhibition featuring full authorization and the entire industrial chain.

The 12,600-square meters Made in Creativity Hall will be constituted by the Stamp Collection Exhibition Zone, Author's Salon Activity Zone and Engraving Arts Zone, along with the Intangible Cultural Heritage Unique Exhibition Zone that will showcase the likes of clay figurine, windmill, Beijing pottery and kite. Through the promotion of cultural and creative products, experiences of scientific and technological innovations, appreciation of intangible cultural heritages and advocation of distinct ethnic characteristics, the goal is to enable visitors to relish in the unique charisma of cultural publication.

In addition, the “Chef’s Kitchen” of the reading experience hall will also bring wonderful taste enjoyment to the audience through 30 wonderful activities with different themes and fragrances, so that audience can experience the exotic flavor in the food publication more stereoscopically.

Since inception in 1986, the Beijing International Book Fair has continued to burgeon and strengthen, garnering participation from an increasingly larger number of well-known companies and prominent individuals in the international publishing community and cultural circle, and emerging as the world's second biggest book fair.
Embracing the monumental 70th anniversary of the founding of the motherland, the BIBF strives to showcase development feats and new trends in the press and publication industry, and at the same time aims to maximize its function as a promoter of mutual communication between Chinese and overseas publishing culture in line with the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, continue to diversify and enrich exhibition contents, augment experiences of readers and digital science and technology, elevate the range of cultural and creative products, and fully demonstrate the development accomplishments achieved in the cooperation between publishing industry and various cultural organizations.