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Preview of Highlights at the2019 BIBF 2

E1 Hall will be home to the Overseas Publishers and International Right Center, and 1,600 foreign publishing organizations from 95 nations and regions will set up booths at E1. Among the world's top 50 publishers, Japanese publisher Shueisha Inc. will make its debut and South Korea's Woongjin think big will return after several years of hiatus. "Belt and Road" nations like Malaysia, the UAE, Indonesia and Singapore will also come out in force, while DC COMICS/Warner Bros, one of the three largest comic and animation publishers and producers, will also premier at the BIBF.


Latin American Countries

2019 BIBF will feature active participation from the countries of Latin America, with Cuba and Argentina to boast independent booths, while Venezuela once again takes the helm and joins hands with Brazil, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Uruguay and others to form a massive delegation for participation at the BIBF.



Heart-to-Heart with Hong Kong and Macao

The Hall of Macao receives support from the Macao SAR Government Cultural Industry Fund and will be sponsored by the Cultural Public Institution of Macao. Through books display and cultural activities, the hall endeavors to promote Macanese publications, showcase Macao's historical culture and social development, and enable domestic and foreign readers to deepen their understanding of Macao on the 20th anniversary of its return to China.


The Hall of Macao will put on display more than 500 types of publications, and about 40 publishing organizations will participate. With Macao's local culture as the main theme, the following books will be the key highlights here: "20th Anniversary of the Return of Macao to China" series, which was jointly planned by the Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers and the Macau Cultural Education Publishing Association. 20 important books that were published in the last 20 years since Macau's return to China will combine into an intensive display of Macao's accomplishments in areas like culture and academia, and social development feats since its return to the motherland two decades ago. The series is jointly published by the Guangdong People's Publishing House and Cultural Public Institution of Macao, and will simultaneously hit the shelves in bookstores across both mainland China and Macao in order to tell to the Macau society, mainland China and the international community the "one country, two systems" story of Macao.


Another attention-grabber at this year's BIBF is the " Hall of Hong Kong 2019," a large-scale event hosted under a concerted effort by the Hong Kong Publication Federation Limited and the Hong Kong Printers Association, with sponsorship from the Government of Hong Kong SAR. Aiming to promote Hong Kong's publishing and printing industries, the event will revolve around the core theme of "Exploring Hong Kong" and exhibition space will measure approximately 216 square meters. Hong Kong's publishing and printing industries will once again show active support and nearly 70 exhibitors will be in attendance including publishers, printing companies and electronic publication firms.

Hall of Hong Kong will put on display nearly 1,500 outstanding books and printed materials, of which almost a hundred of them are meritorious publications that have been honored with local or international publishing or printing accolades. The books and printed materials to be exhibited span a diverse range of categories and subject areas such as literature, biography, history, culture, social science, children's book, daily life practicality, arts, picture book, stationery and promo materials.