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A Preview of Highlights of the Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) ①


The 26th BIBF is coming on Aug. 21, 2019! 

What special pavilions, new faces and diverse activities will we see at this year’s fair? Which guest country of honor will be unveiled? The following is a visitor guide prepared based on firsthand information. 

Carefully Curated Pavilions 

Covering a space of 100,000+ m2, this year’s fair will consist of 8 pavilions, i.e. foreign publications & copyrights, general Chinese publications, children’s books, Chinese & guest countries of honor special publications, Beijing International Book Festival celebration, cultural & creative themes, library procurement, and Chinese Digital Publication Fair celebration.     


The fair will continue with its innovation in content, function, form and space layout. Pavilion W2 will consist of an updated China Unicom-supported CNPIEC 5G reading experience area as well as an area of the best publications in celebration of the birth of the New China. Pavilion E2 will be dedicated to exclusive copyright-protected children’s books. Sale, international picture book events and international reading experience will be in Pavilion E4. In order to optimize the space layout and better fulfill the needs of readers, the procurement areas are separated from visitor areas. Besides, there will be more direction signs on the ground to help visitors locate the place where they’re going.  


Faces from the World



So far the organizers have expected the fair to attract a great number of publishers from as many as 95 countries and regions, including China. In response to the Belt and Road Initiative, the fair is opening its arms to exhibitors from the Belt and Road nations, 30 of which has confirmed their attendance; even more participants are expected. The U.K., the U.S., South Korea, France and Japan will increase exhibition space this year, of which UK retains the largest space of 756 m2.  


Notably, the year creative publishers and support service providers from around the world meet and team up with conventional exhibitors at the fair to dedicate themselves to publication-related AI as a service (AIaaS), pay-to-read service, audio books, IP authorization and online children education. The new developments of the fair will form part of a content-based, industry-wide platform which brings participants closer in cooperation and development.  



Diverse Activities



In an effort to let the world know more and better about China, the organizers have decided to spread the voice of China, telling its stories and uplifting its image. Measures during the fair will include further upgrades in commercial publication activities and literary events aimed to cater to industry demand. A series of events, e.g. the Beijing Publishers Summit, the BIBF 2019 Forum on Children’s Books, the Digital Publishers Forum, the Copyright Managers Salon, the Universal Gravitation-themed Literary Salon, and the “Belt and Road” 10+10 Roundtable, are expected to propel the publishing & content industries, provide participants with up-to-date industry information, build a platform of dialogue for exhibitors and enable avid readers to talk face to face with authors. 


Romania: The Pearl on the Black Sea   

The guest country of honor this year is Romania, which is a Medieval-style city priding itself on the Danube River and the Carpathian Mountains and destined to strike us distinctively at the fair. 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the birth of the New China and of the establishment of diplomatic relations. With a group of elite publishers and authors, the Romanian delegation will hold a series of illustrious cultural events so that visitors can enjoy the exclusive charm of Romanian culture and literature at a close distance without stepping out of China.          


The Aug. 21 New China International Exhibition Center welcomes guests from around the world. 


The BIBF gathers people from 49 global cities.   
Welcome to the New China International Exhibition Center in Shunyi, Beijing on Aug. 21.