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Invitation to 2019BIBF Literary Salon

Gravitation is not only a physical law, but also a human phenomenon; it dominates the stars and sky above, and goes through the universe inside the heart. The stars attract each other and thus spin around in the ether. The earth attracts wind and thunder, birds and animals and cities, and is implicitly connected also because of the indescribable gravity. The same is true to people-to-people attraction to each other. Because of mutual attraction, a huge crowd of people form several small groups, just as water from the sea overflows and becomes drops of water, and then there is family, friendship, love... It is mysterious and looks like destined to name after gravitation.
This year, BIBF literary salon will take "gravitation" as the theme. We aim to use pen to either wander around or take root in daily life and give our bodies a chance to experience weightlessness. We will let our ideas wander and our mind hang about and together explore the relationship and interaction between people and people and between people and the world.


During the book fair, we will continue to invite writers, artists, translators and publishers from home and abroad to BIBF literary salon, bringing people from different cultural backgrounds but who share the same love for literature and books closer together. In order to provide good services during the book fair, we will customize the literary activities according to the individual needs of authors and publishers, including venue coordination, media support, and recommendations of hosts and translators etc. In addition, in order to provide a platform for more outstanding young writers, and to better publicize the series of activities of BIBF literary salon and the writers attending the fair, we will also cooperate with Selection of Chinese Literature to produce a Gravitation-themed pocket book, which is free for the readers during the fair this year. The contents of the pocket book will include original short stories by young writers, introduction and recommendation of BIBF literary salon activity and the writers.


Welcome publishing houses with good authors and works to 2019BIBF literary salon, and we will provide you with the best activity support! 


Contact:  liuting@bibf.net